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Our mission at FirstChoiceBuyers is to provide efficient solutions for Home owners, and highly profitable assistance for Home Buyers in a variety of markets.

We utilize our time building one on one connections

with home owners, and always keeping an eye out

for new opportunity's to help investors make a profit.

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Est. 2021

About Us

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What do we do?

At FirstChoiceBuyers,

we provide reliable and consistent opportunities for investors to make a large profit on their next Rental, or Fix and Flip.

Who are we?

We are a Team of experienced

wholesalers, looking to help simplify the process of finding good deals and purchasing properties.

What are our gurantees?

At FirstChoice we guarantee lucrative contracts ready for re-assignment, no strings attached.

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"FirstChoice Services and Special Offers"


Our team can guarantee, the deals we provide for our buyers will be completely contract ready for reassignment.

Spacious house with modern interior and staircase


We make Buying a property completely straight forward for our buyers. Our team will take care of all Acquisitions in the process.

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Our team provides accountable and transparent service.

We believe transparent communication is essential in a profitable partnership.

Get Deals within your specific criteria 20-40% off of Market Value.

Modern Living Room Design
Modern Living Room Design
Modern Bedroom Design
Modern Minimalist Home
Modern Kitchen Interior

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26045 Market Place Blvd, Elko New Market MN 55020

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